beauly firth wildlife diaryWildlife Diary

Thanks to the support of several local volunteers, sightings of selected animals and birds of the Beauly Firth area are entered into a simple online form which in turn transmits the details of the events into the diary as shown below. 

If you live or spend time on the shores of the Beauly Firth (i.e. the area west of the Kessock Bridge) and would like to join the group of spotters to contribute details of your sightings then we would be pleased to hear from you via this Enquiry Form in the first instance.

The locations of the various places mentioned in the diary can be found on the map by clicking hereFor a list of some of the wildlife of the area then please click here .

Please note

Labels for any given sighting may be followed by two letters within brackets and this denotes the existence of comments and/or photographs.

(C+P) indicates Comments and Photos

(C) indicates Comments

(P) indicates that a photo has been attached

(This facility was launched at the end of January 2019 so there may be bits and pieces still to be done! Feedback and/or suggestions welcomed via our Contact Page.)

Please note. 

Always view wildlife from a safe distance for both you and them: Respect their spatial needs.

If the animal interrupts its behavior (resting, feeding, etc.), then you are too close and must distance yourself.

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