Our History

Before the Kessock Bridge came into use in 1982, ferries operated on the short crossing between North Kessock and South Kessock, linking Inverness and the South with the Black Isle and the North East of Scotland.

The story of the many ferries which plied back and forth during that period will be recalled in displays of memorabilia and artefacts in the Ticket Office area of the building. The History section will be manned by members of the North Kessock and District Local History Society and by local volunteers, many of whom remember the days of the ferries and have first-hand knowledge of travelling on them. They will recall stories of local characters and events that happened in the village and add colour in their reminiscences to bring local History to life.

Many people come back to revisit the old days of travelling on the ferries when maybe they came with their family for a picnic or to visit relatives on the Black Isle and now they will have a focus for these times and will be able to share their stories with others.

The most recent ferries were the Rosehaugh (pictured) and the Eilean Dubh which are remembered fondly by travellers.

If you have any items you think might be of interest about the ferries or the village or wider area and would like to donate them to us then please get in touch


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KessieKessie is the name of our new mascot and donation box with dolphin sound effect by Rolf Schmidt and donation mouth made by Douglas Morrison, which will be placed outside the Old Ticket Office.

The name 'Kessie' was the winning entry which was submitted by Lyle Treasurer, a Primary One pupil in a competition run by The Old Ticket Office and North Kessock Primary School.
Hover your mouse over Kessie to hear her talk!
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